Chris Brisbane - Expert in Natural Horsemanship

Chris is able help you with breaking/starting horses the natural way, nervous rider/nervous horse, loading and much more. Whether you choose to arrange for him to visit you, or you download his training videos from this site, you'll find his help to be invaluable.

Having our training videos in a format ready to be played on your iPod™ means that you can watch them where it matters - in the field or your stable.

Visit regularly for new additions to our range of downloadable videos and updates to our events and training courses.

“Most people deal with the mental and physical fitness of a horse, but they forget it has emotions and neglect its emotional well-being. A horse is naturally claustrophobic and an escape-aholic. When a horse gets frightened especially if in a horsebox its natural instinct is to run. It needs to help overcome its fears, and reassurance that you are not going to hurt it. It needs leadership but also mutual respect.”

Natural Horsemanship

"Learn how to teach your horse or pony in a better way from our instructional downloadable videos, avoiding common errors that may cause your horse or pony to develop behavioural problems."


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